There are approximately five million villages worldwide without power and 1,8 billion people whose household is not connected to the electrical grid.

One option would be installation of a small wind turbine, but it is very expensive, for example, in the UK, the average installation cost is 5’873 USD/kW, most of which are mast and foundation cost. It does not pay off in the mainland, because won`t get the appropriate wind.

In southern countries on rainy days, or during rainy seasons, solar panels fail to generate enough electricity and the batteries cost a lot, have short lifetimes and are environmentally burdensome.

On the northern parts of the world, there are areas where aren`t any renewable energy alternatives to the Airborne Turbine. There isn`t enough daylight during winter for solar panels and in the mainland or areas with forests and mountains a small wind turbine won`t get the appropriate wind on the ground. Therefore there is a need for additional new source of electricity.

The ARICTON Airborne Turbine is a two helium filled section device.

The revolving rear section is fitted with 3 light carbon fiber composite 1,5 m blades.

Large 5 m rotor diameter is achieved by an innovative blade solution where the blades can be directly supported by the cords and lowered flat behind the rear of the body if the velocity of the wind grows too high.

Airborne Turbine contain a electric generator and transmission, which changes the rear section`s rotations to electrical energy in relation to the front section.

Polymer tethers between Airborne Turbine and winch equipped ground station prevent the Airborne Turbine from drifting away and it contains copper conductors that transmit power, down to a battery or the grid.

Winds at higher altitudes become steadier, more persistent, and of higher velocity. Clouds always moving. At the height of 300 m, the energy density of wind is 5–8 times higher and combined whit large rotor diameter, this enables that Airborne Turbine would be generating electricity up to 70% of the time. Combine it whit solar panels, energy coverage is even greater. Contact